wil needs help with basic computer skills and basic spanish

Valid: indefinitely
I need help with basic computer skills. I need help with basic spanish.
I want to help or Ask for more info


  • Manisha promised to help wil 1987 days ago
  • wil confirmed Manisha's interest 1967 days ago
  • Maxwell promised to help wil 1985 days ago
  • Maxwell "I can teach a nonnative Spanish speaker well, but not a native one. Also I know computer programming but not computer designing"

    1985 days ago
  • wil confirmed Maxwell's interest 1984 days ago
  • Iris Kristal promised to help wil 1968 days ago
  • Iris Kristal "I can help with basic Spanish :)"

    1968 days ago
  • wil confirmed Iris Kristal's interest 1967 days ago
  • wil gave Manisha a star: "Thank you"

    1967 days ago
  • Belen promised to help wil 1715 days ago
  • Belen "wil, i live in argentina so i can help you with your spanish online "

    1715 days ago